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Dr. Mae Jemison

Dr. Mae Jemison

Principal, 100 Year Starship

Dr. Mae Jemison is the Principal for the 100 Year Starship Project. Her leadership and vision provides guidance and direction for the foundation and in fulfilling its goal of ensuring all the capabilities for a successful human journey to another star will exist by 2112.

Dr. Jemison, physician, engineer, educator and entrepreneur, was the first woman of color in the world to go into space aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour and was a NASA astronaut for six years.

Dr. Jemison started The Jemison Group, Inc., a technology consulting firm integrating critical socio-cultural issues into the design, development and implementation of engineering and science projects. As an Environmental Studies professor at Dartmouth College, she taught classes on and researched technology design and sustainable development with special emphasis on developing countries. She is a worldwide respected voice in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education and is founder of the non-profit Dorothy Jemison Foundation for Excellence. She started The Earth We Share™, a unique international science literacy curriculum and program that builds student critical thinking and problem solving skills as they gain science knowledge and skills, and trains middle and secondary school teachers in experiential education. Dr. Jemison was the founding Chairman of the state of Texas’ Product Development and Small Business Incubator Board. Prior joining to NASA she was the Area Peace Corps Medical Officer for Sierra Leone and Liberia and a general practice physician in Los Angeles. She is on the boards of Kimberly-Clark, Scholastic, and Valspar.

A member of the National Academies of Science’s Institute of Medicine, Dr. Jemison is also an inductee of the National Women’s Hall of Fame, the National Medical Association Hall of Fame, and Texas Science Hall of Fame and recipient of the National Organization for Women’s Intrepid Award and the Kilby Science Award among many honors. An author of lay literature and technical articles, Dr. Jemison is sought for commentary on space exploration, science education, diversity, sustainability and development and appeared on an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Dr. Jemison earned her B.S., Chemical Engineering and fulfilled requirements for A.B., African and Afro-American Studies from Stanford University and received her M.D. from Cornell University.

Jason D. Batt

Jason D. Batt

Canopus Organizer

Jason D. Batt is a writer, teacher, designer, artist, creator of communities, listener, and explorer. Jason serves as Creative and Editorial manager for 100 Year Starship. Jason creates visual engagement for 100 Year Starship programs and activities. He is also the managing editor of the 100YSS Symposium Proceedings and organizer of the annual Canopus Award for Excellence in Interstellar Writing.

His novels include Young Gods and Dreamside and his short fiction has appeared in Perihelion, Bastion, Bewildering Stories, A Story Goes On, and other periodicals. He’s most recently edited the science fiction anthology Visions of the Future published through Lifeboat Foundation.

He currently serves as the Group Life Director and Lead Artist/Designer at a non-profit organization in Sacramento, California. Jason has been engaged in community leadership for fourteen years, specifically focusing on meeting the needs of at-risk students. He works as a community architect and social strategist for a non-profit. Jason is involved in developing community service groups focused on bringing together individuals of different faith backgrounds. He continues to train community group leaders to reproduce this work. He has written several articles and guides on the individual and community transforming effect of group connections.

He is a member of the Lifeboat Foundation and serves on their Space Settlement Board, Religious/Spirituality Board, and their Media & Arts Board. He serves as a judge for the Lifeboat to the Stars award for science fiction literature, which was presented at the Campbell Conference in June 2013.

Jason Batt earned his B.A. in Language Arts at Chadron State College and his MFA in Creative Writing at National University.

Jason Batt may be reached at [email protected].


Alires J. Almon

Alires J. Almon

Orchestrator of Engagement

Alires Almon supports 100YSS program, partner, and outreach activities enabling broad-based engagement in 100YSS.

Throughout her professional career, Almon has been passionate about the societal opportunities created by advanced science and technology, and has committed her skills and talents as a facilitator and organizational development professional to that end.

Formerly part of a Fortune 100 global telecommunications company, Almon was a Senior Relationship Manager responsible for working with top tier revenue-generating accounts. In this capacity, she oversaw opportunity development for service-organization customer markets which generated over $10M every year for four consecutive years.

Previously, Almon was a management analyst with the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation where she was chosen as a “Top Leader under 40.” Among her many achievements, she was a featured speaker at the 2001 Association for Quality and Participation Spring Conference.

Alires Almon received her Bachelor’s in Psychology from University of Georgia, and her Master’s Degree in Psychology with a minor in Organizational Behavior from New Mexico State University.

Alires Almon may be contacted at [email protected]

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